WOD: 12-18-12

WOD L1:  For time:

150 Wall Balls (14/10)

WOD L2:  Karen:  For time:

150 Wall Balls (20/14)

Every time you drop the ball or rest anywhere not in the Front Rack you win 5 Pull Ups

Post WOD: 3 stations for core work:

Station 1 = 3 min AMRAP Plank Hold
Station 2 = 3 min ARMAP Goblet Squat Hold
Station 3 = 3 x 10 Back Extensions (you have 3 mins to do the three sets) (20 superman for those in Box 1)


It is hard to type with all of this crying…

Keep your concerns at bay for these are not tears of sadness.  Today is a blissful occasion because for the first time IN A LONG TIME we have officially programmed Wall Balls!!! I know that we’ve had them twice in the last couple of days, but still!  Your hips and your legs can relax (*1), for the storm of Thrusters will now dissipate.  You can look forward to a landscape of workouts that are flourishing with Wall Balls.  The times ahead will be good times.

Impending doom notwithstanding,



*1:  Wall Balls have a tendency of being horrendous like Thrusters with the exception that you will do more of them 🙁

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